Mitre have nearly 200 years experience in the sports equipment field – unfortunately, they also had a website which looked as if it were just as old. The company had invested time and money in repositioning and remodelling itself and needed a website to communicate their core values, as well as effortlessly and beautifully display their range of products. With a focus on t’team’ and ‘heritage’ as well as a complete restructure of content and information architecture, the site was started from the ground up. The strong, simple design is easy to use, memorable and has neat little features like a ‘ball chooser’ tucked all over the place.

Oh, they also needed a content management system which would allow control for Mitre license holders all around the world to take control of the site and populate it with their own products and features.

Double oh, the site should be heading into the eCommerce realm some time soon.
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