Tilt shift video awesomeness

Some people think tilt-shift is just another gimmick. It is, but its served in a can of awesome. I saw a couple of tilt-shift videos a while ago and for whatever reason decided to track down some other examples today and before I even watched it, I knew that I had found something I’d like. ‘Hulkamania’. The wide shots on this remind me of the toys I had when I was fiftee…six.

Keith Loutit seems to be something of a tilt-shift video master so check out his Vimeo channel here.

And heres another set in a Monster Truck show, I love the shot at 0.20 and the random dinosaur from about 50 seconds in.

And theres The Sandpit by Sam O’ Hare which I think is one of the first I saw.

And a real life train set.

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